Workshop Yogic Circle - Come and experience!

Date: Sunday, June 4th 2023
Time: 2pm - 6pm
Location: Yogi Works studio (Pasestraat 27, 6223 HA Maastricht)
Costs for a ticket: 40.80 euros
Ticket sale via

Together Noëlle (Yogi Works) and Linda (Linda Marina Conscious Sessions) offer an afternoon full of meaning, movement and connection. By combining yoga, breathing exercises and a sharing circle, space is created to connect your mind and body. The full moon on this day adds an extra dimension to this, a beautiful moment to let go of certain elements in your life that no longer serve you and thus create space for something new.

What does the afternoon look like?
We start the afternoon with yoga and breathing exercises led by Noëlle, followed by a sharing circle with Linda. The yoga is suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced.

Yoga and breathing exercises
This afternoon Noëlle takes you on a journey to your inner being, your body and mind. She does this through breathing exercises and asanas that focus on certain chakras. These are successively the root chakra, the sacral chakra and the heart chakra.

Asanas for the root chakra help you to ground while asanas for the sacral chakra help you feel and express your emotions. The heart chakra is the middle chakra of the seven main chakras, where body and mind come together. Asanas for the heart chakra help you find your balance and open your heart.

What is a sharing circle?
After the yoga exercises have brought you more into contact with your body and mind, you can relax even further at the sharing circle. Nothing is expected of you, you can explore your emotional world further.

You get the space to share your feelings and thoughts in words, laughter, tears or silence. What is taking place in your life, what is present in your life? The other participants listen attentively, this means listening without judging, without giving advice and without asking questions. You are seen and heard in silence, in full and loving attention.

By not filling in or advising each other, the narrator is given space to explore his or her own wisdom. With this we inspire and support each other in a completely different way than we do in daily life. After all, no one else knows better what is good for you than yourself.

What does this afternoon bring you?
∴ You get to know yourself and your desires better.
∴ You learn to act accordingly to what is good for you from your (deepest) desire.
∴ You give more direction to your life.
∴ You let go of feelings or emotions that no longer serve you.
∴ You learn to tune in and listen to your body and your inner compass.

We provide tea and (healthy) snacks this afternoon.