About Noëlle Godding

'Every day is special!'

Noëlle grew up in Maastricht. What yoga is to her now was athletics in her early years: a focus and practice in movement and freedom. She also enjoyed reading and writing at a young age, something that still appeals to her. After high school she went to study law at the University of Leiden. An internship at a notary office made it clear to her: despite the entire study (notarial law), working in this industry was not quite it. 

Publishing world
Through a job in a bookshop she then ended up in the publishing world, where she has worked full-time from 1998 at a number of American and British publishing houses in various positions, including Sales Manager Benelux & Scandinavia and Acquisitions Editor. In January 2022, she took the plunge and resigned from her last employer, Oxford University Press. She thus said goodbye to 25 years of publishing and the book business. 

Right place, right time
It was time for something new, a new beginning. Besides, after having lived in Leiden for thirty years (with a short stopover in Berkeley, California), she has been back in her hometown, Maastricht, since 2020. Right place, right time, time for one of her great passions, yoga, which she started in 2006. Noëlle has not been idle during her professional career. 2004 was the year that she started to delve into Eastern philosophy and meditation. In 2006 she lived for a while in a Buddhist centre in Berkeley, California (USA) where she worked at a publishing house for Buddhist prayer books for Tibetan monks living in exile in India. A year later she completed a training as a shiatsu masseuse in Amsterdam. 

In 2008 she started a three-year hatha yoga teacher training course at Osmose in The Hague, which she completed in 2011. Noëlle has also become proficient in various other yoga disciplines such as vinyasa flow and slow flow, as well as pranayama and breathwork.

'The mind is nomadic and can expand like the universe. In order to feel itself part of the intelligence of the universe, the mind needs to be nourished by movement, be it from one point of view to another or from one state of consciousness to another.'

'Like mind, like body, like spirit.'