Yoga and coaching

Yoga and coaching

Yoga and coaching

Are you interested in yoga? The yoga classes are taught by Noëlle Godding. In consultation she can also give coaching sessions.

Why yoga? 
Experience has taught us that connecting movement with the breath is a beautiful and powerful way to relieve stress and come into balance. Another important element of yoga is dynamics. Without dynamics, there is a standstill, while too much dynamics can cause unrest. The trick is to find a nice middle ground. Just like the elements, we must move along and continue to find our balance. 

Enter yoga!
Yoga is an excellent tool for this. There are different yoga disciplines, of which asana yoga, the yoga of the body, is by far the most well-known. There are also different types and styles of asana yoga. You can roughly divide asana yoga into static and dynamic yoga. Static yoga is slower, you will hold each pose for a few breaths while dynamic yoga is a faster yoga style with poses that flow from one pose to the next.

Something for everyone
Noëlle offers the best of both worlds, something for everyone. She offers both static (hatha yoga) and dynamic yoga (vinyasa flow), as well as a combination of static and dynamic yoga (yin yoga/slow flow).

Hatha yoga is a static form of yoga and is considered by many to be the most classic yoga style. It is ideal for beginners as you learn the most important basic poses step by step. Focus is on conscious breathing and consciously and thereby calmly doing the asanas (yoga poses). Regular practice of hatha yoga will help you develop strength throughout your body and make you feel more flexible and balanced both physically and mentally.  

Vinyasa flow is a very powerful and dynamic form of yoga. No vinyasa flow class is the same. The basis is always the sun salutation, from there an interplay of additions and repetitions creates a flowing sequence of asanas that are connected through the breath. It is an aerobic form of yoga, so you will sweat a lot. A vinyasa flow class is highly energetic and is an exercise in endurance and synchronizing the breath with movement.

Yin yoga is a static form of yoga. The mainly lying and sitting postures are held for a longer period of time. By focusing on the exhalation, you release your muscles and your body gradually moves further into the pose. The postures have an effect on the connective tissue and joints. It is nice and relaxing, but certainly not passive, rather a practice in mindfulness.

Slow flow is derived from vinyasa flow, so it is a dynamic form of yoga. The pace is slower than with vinyasa flow. Therefore, it is suitable for beginners. It is also very suitable for those who want to build up their yoga practice with more attention to breathing and execution of the asanas.

Noëlle can give a combination of yoga and coaching in consultation. Experience shows that a combination of the two is a powerful way to achieve certain goals, provide more clarity about certain elements in your life, and/or get more in touch with yourself.

Weekly yoga group lessons 
Noëlle also gives weekly yoga group lessons. You can find more information under weekly yoga classes.

Private lessons
If you are interested in one-on-one yoga sessions, Noëlle can offer you private lessons.

It should be clear, there are plenty of options! If you are interested, just get in touch!

Friends yoga

Always wanted to do yoga with your (best) friend(s)? Or together with your mother, daughter or sister, or father, son or brother, that is also possible of course! Book a class!

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