Stress-relieve day and team building

Stress-relieve days and team building

Due to its growing popularity, there is an increasing interest from science in the positive effects of yoga and meditation. We would be happy to tell you more about it if you and your team book a stress-relieve day with us. We will immediately get started with the practice so that you can then put it into practice at home and at work.

Why a stress-release day as team building?
Research shows that there are plenty of benefits of yoga and meditation: less stress, a better mood, more energy and finding the right balance. Individually but also as a team. Undoubtedly you will experience these benefits if you practice yoga or meditation on a daily basis. You can handle your work better, experience less tension and enjoy your work more. Not to mention yoga makes your body stronger and fitter.

What does a stress-relieve day look like?
The program includes both yoga and meditation. In addition to instructions, you will also receive information about the backgrounds, and you will be given every opportunity to share your experiences with us and your team members.

You can customize the program in consultation with us. A team of three to six people is ideal for this day.

Treat yourself and your colleagues to this valuable journey of discovery!

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Sitting meditation

Sitting meditation is being still. Following your breath. And looking at what goes on beneath the surface of your daily activities. Book a session!

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