Our studio

'Under the Ginkgo'

Our program is given in our studio in the charming and rural church village Itteren, located on the river Maas, about 7 km from the centre of Maastricht. The studio is called Under the Ginkgo, named after the ginkgo, the beautiful Japanese temple tree in our garden..

Historical place
The studio is located in the old workshop that belongs to the former town hall of Itteren. We have found a new destination for this historical place, a place where we want to give people a special experience.

Various facilities
Under the Ginkgo is a yoga studio with various facilities: lounge, kitchen, shower & toilet, sleeping accommodations, garden, free parking (just around the corner, at Dorpscentrum 'De Aw Sjaol', Kapelaanstraat 71, Maastricht).

In consultation Noëlle and Benjamin can also teach at other locations. English is certainly an option.

What is on offer?

Our offer for the workplace

Are you looking for a special experience for your team? Don't hesitate to contact us!

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Our offer for private individuals

We offer a range of spiritual practices, such as yoga, sitting meditation, breathwork and mindful running. Come and join us!

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