About Benjamin Romkes

Benjamin was born and raised in Zaandam. In his younger years sport was his passion and his life. And still is. He played table tennis in the highest national youth division and later combined it with athletics, in which he won several medals at national and international championships.

During his studies in Cultural Anthropology at Free University in Amsterdam, a second passion was added. During religious anthropology classes, he was touched by the way Buddhist traditions manifest themselves in a Western context and how much these traditions have adapted to the Western mind and way of thinking. All under the inspiring guidance of great meditation masters like Thich Nhat Hanh and Chogyam Trungpa. Through a meditation centre in Amsterdam he became fascinated by meditation and Buddhist philosophy and psychology. Benjamin has been practicing meditation for over 35 years now.

'The workings of our minds are intriguing and it's amazing how often we run after our thoughts and identify with them without realizing it. During meditation we do the exact opposite of our daily pursuits: we are not guided by our thoughts, but watch closely what is happening in our mind. We don't identify with it, but let it go. The breath is our point of reference in this.'

Communication agency
After his studies, Benjamin opted for a business career. He is co-founder and owner of communication agency In Beeld in Amsterdam.

'It remains a challenge to connect business with the spiritual. However, in the end that combination does produce something very beautiful. Namely doing the things you like to do with the right intention and motivation and engaging in human contact based on authenticity instead of commercial profit interests'.

Benjamin is a meditation instructor, he regularly gives lectures and workshops and also provides training and clinics in mindful running.