About Yogi Works

Yogi Works was founded in 2022 by Noëlle Godding and Benjamin Romkes. Both have a business background. They felt they were lacking a sense of purpose. They want to advise and support individuals and organizations in finding their inner drive and balance. Thus making work and private life more meaningful and steering you in the direction you envision.

Our mission
We want to help people find and maintain a mental and physical balance in a chaotic, continuously changing society.

On offer
We offer various spiritual practices and mindfulness tools that can help you with this.

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'We often feel that, until we attain perfection, we can’t really start living. We daydream about all the great things we’ll do for the world once we become our ideal selves. But we can always wake up, show up, and act with enlightened intention—right here, right now, just as we are.'