Yogi Works Menu

Yogi Works Menu

Compose your own program
The Yogi Works menu allows you to compose your own program in consultation with us. For example, you can put together a program for a silent retreat or stress-release day. 

Whole day or half day
You can choose from a number of menu items. With these menu items you can fill a half day or a whole day according to your wishes. These are:
- yoga classes (vinyasa flow, hatha yoga, slow flow)
- sitting meditation session
- walking
- pranayama (increasing the life energy) and breathwork
- vegetarian lunch
- tea or coffee with sweets

Interested? Call or email us for more information and/or for a quote.

Sitting meditation

Sitting meditation is being still. Following your breath. And looking at what goes on beneath the surface of your daily activities. Book a session!

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